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Best Advice To Hire And Retain Tech Talent In Your Company

Technology is the business of this century. More and more companies are working shoulder to shoulder with technology to improve production or sell their services. For that reason, hundreds of companies worldwide need to have the best technology specialists on their payroll. This seems to be a challenging task, as many people are starting to work in this area. According to the TechRepublic, at least 12 million people worked in the technology field in 2019. Who should you call? How to find the best experts? This article will give you five tips to hire and retain the best tech professionals in your company.
Tech Talents For Web Design in Tauranga

1.  Do Not look Just Inside Your City

People no longer look for jobs in a physical location. You’ll rarely see someone carrying a printed resume on the streets. Currently, all job applications are made by email. If you are an employer, don't wait for the best tech professional to call your company. Find them on the Internet! We try to support local talent since we're web designers in Tauranga, but often times you do need to broaden your horizons beyond local.

Where can I find tech talent? There are several ways to do it. Here we explain two of them:

Freelancer websites

A great way to get workers is through companies like UpWork and Fiverr. In these platforms, workers have a profile where they show all their skills in different areas, their academic profile, and their professional experience. You can search for them through their profile or post a job and wait for them to respond to you. Then, you must prepare the interview and make a deal. We do however, recommend that you take care when searching for workers on freelance websites and to investigate or trial them to ensure the person is up for the role. For more specialist work such as paid advertising search engine optimisation or marketing consulting, we suggest you try to find specialists through referrals.

Social networks

There is no doubt that social media has also become everybody’s portfolio. The exciting idea is to use Instagram and type in the search engine “#TechTalent”. There, you will see thousands of samples of all the work done in this area. There you will see the authors' profiles, and, as the case may be, you will be able to contact and hire them.

Since most technology-related jobs can be done remotely, it's okay if your candidate is in China, Australia, or Egypt. This allows you to have an extensive portfolio of options to support your business.

Tech Office Working Environment Tauranga

2.  Offers The Best Working Conditions and Tools

If you need your worker to come to your company, you should think about your invitation letter and the entire structure that you must prepare for this person. There is nothing more attractive to a tech worker than a company that offers the best tools. But what are these tools, and how much do they cost? Here we will show you an exclusive example of the materials that programmers and software developers need only for their CPU:

  • GitHub (software development tool): $24 per month (business package)
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor: $189
  • 16GB RAM Stick: $168
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus (SSD): $142
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 DirectX 12.00 (graphic card): $3,417

3. Be Open to Their Ideas

It is imperative that employees feel that their participation is taken into account. If you are not a tech expert, you need to allow them to make the project better with their knowledge.

This doesn't just work for tech employees, but all types of employees. If people feel left out, they are likely looking for more reasons to leave the company. Hold meetings in which you hear what they have to say. As for tech professionals, it allows them to set an optimistic goal so that the company can move towards success.

Bonus fact: if you can study specialized vocabulary, communication will be much better. Make sure they feel part of the company so that work is always as a team.

4.  Value Experience and Knowledge Over Diplomas

It is interesting to know that many teachers of technology have not spent five years in college. This is because many people are now learning tech skills online. Online courses, the best  bootcamps, and digital certificates have helped thousands of people develop their passions and make money.

When looking for a tech worker, don't just focus on whether they come from a good university or if their grades were the best in their class. Instead consider their professional background, the jobs they have done, their talent in this area, their references in previous jobs, and their availability and commitment to take on new tasks. This way, you’ll have a more accurate search for talent.

5.  Offer High Salaries

Most tech professionals are looking for money, and that's not bad. One tech worker’s motivations are to be part of an ambitious project that can generate millions of dollars. This type of work has a lot of prestige today. Thus, many companies pay better salaries for them because they know that their contributions will generate three times the investment. It is always good to follow a dream if there is an economic motivation.

Before deciding to seek out new talent or motivate those you already have to stay, you should know that the average dollar per hour tends to be very high for them. Here's a balance of how much a tech worker earns per year, according to Business Insider:


  • Infrastructure architect: $153,000
  • Applications architect: $149,000
  • Software architect: $145,400
  • Technical program manager: $145,000
  • Enterprise architect: $144,400
  • DevOps engineer: $137,400
  • Information security engineer: $131,300
Tech Salaries Tauranga


You must understand the importance and complexity of being a tech professional. For that reason, you should consider that the cost of hiring tech talent is an investment that your company is making to earn a lot of money and prestige in the future. If you follow these tips, your project will be on the road to success, and you will be working with the best and most loyal tech professionals of all.

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