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The Most Sustainable Jobs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Looking for a new job during a pandemic isn't something anyone wants. Unfortunately, money is always needed to pay the bills. All those who lost their jobs in the wake of the pandemic hoped that they had something more resilient. The most resilient jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic are from certain industries that provided millions of people with new opportunities. These sustainable jobs aren't just going to last during the pandemic. They will have a place in the future long after the pandemic has ended and things are back to normal.
The Most Sustainable Jobs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Software Engineering

Software engineering is a computing discipline that deals with the systematic application of the engineering approach to developing software. If you've been paying attention to the global job market since the beginning of 2020, you'll know that the demand for software engineers has been on a rapid rise. This lucrative field can open a world of possibilities to you if you take out time to build your skills. There are many online bootcamps where you can learn coding and other forms of software engineering for free. Computersciencehero might be a good fit for you. Software engineers in the United States earn $105,563 a year on average. They also get a lot of benefits along with the job.

2. Clinic Management

You probably already know that the demand for nurses and doctors has been on a rise since the beginning of the pandemic. However, there has also been a surge in the demand for clinic management staff. These managers are typically responsible for staffing, making policies, financing, and ensuring that patients are cared for properly. Clinic management positions are administrative. They don't diagnose, prescribe, or see patients like doctors and nurses. Clinic managers in the United States earn up to $70,000 yearly. Other administrative staff may earn less than this but there is a high demand for their job at this time. 

3. Strategy Management 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many organizations work across the globe. They've had to reevaluate their strategies just to stay afloat in these trying times. This has been followed by a significant surge in the demand for strategy managers across industries. These managers are in charge of assessing organizational goals and coming up with the most realistic and viable means of achieving these goals. A strategy manager is typically an executive or works with the executives in a company. If your strategies aren't effective in bringing the organization closer to achieving its objectives, you'll be at risk of losing your job. Strategy managers make about $133,000 yearly in the USA. 

4. Finance Management and Accounting 

Everything concerning financial management is in high demand this year. These professionals work with individuals and firms to manage their finances. They come up with ideas that allow organizations to maximize profit and minimize losses. They create financial reports and ensure the long-term financial success of any organization. Managers in the financial world earn about $120,000 yearly. Accountants have also been in high demand amid the pandemic. Their job is similar to the job of financial managers. They interpret financial records and carry out a range of other financial tasks. Managers in accounting earn $85,794 yearly on average. 

5. Product Engineering 

Product engineering is another field that has experienced a surge in demand and created many jobs in the coronavirus era. Product engineers work on designing, processing, and developing systems. Their work may concern different types of products like phones, laptops, and many things in between. Managers in product engineering also deal with producibility, cost, reliability, performance, serviceability, and quality assurance, among other things. Their primary goal is to ensure that the products manufactured by a company meet the needs of the users. If products aren't up to specifications, the product manager is to blame. The salary for product engineers in the United States is $117,713 on average.

Final Thoughts

What makes a job resilient or sustainable? Just like everything else, sustainable jobs are jobs that can stand the test of time. The demand for all the jobs above remained on the rise irrespective of how bad things got during the pandemic. Even if the pandemic hasn't come to an end yet, these jobs are helping people feed their families. Think of them as evergreen jobs that will remain relevant now and in the foreseeable future.
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