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Tips For Hiring a Hamilton Web Designer


Businesses have been investing money in creating a robust online presence. It is especially true for more prominent brands like Apple, Tesla, and others. While several brands understood the importance of website designing and online presence early on and had enough funds to invest in the newer technology, newer brands still find it challenging to invest time and money in creating an online presence. Times like now, it is even more important to have a solid online presence, and effective website for your business. Liquid Web are expert Hamilton web designers who can help assist you with your marketing and web design requirements. 

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The Importance of Web Designing

The First Impression

Your website is the first introduction to users. If people have a pleasant experience in the first few seconds, they are more likely to continue using the website. A good design will help create a better perception of the brand in potential client's minds.

Better Search Engine Optimisation

A website with a better web design will harbour better results during search engine optimisation. Search engines like Google consider the web design and interaction of the target audience and visitors to the website to determine the result page location. Also, web design will affect the crawling of the website, which affects search rankings. Liquid Web builds websites that are intended to be used for marketing your business, and not just to be used as a brochure. 

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If you want your website visitors to turn into clients, you need to provide consistency. They require familiarity with the brand to trust and utilise its services. A good website design fulfils the demand for consistent branding for potential clients, increasing your chances of getting new business through the online portal.

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Hiring a Web Design Company in Hamilton

Now that a web designer's importance is evident, the next step is to find the right website designer for your local business. The problem is that you need to consider whether you want a web designer or a web design agency. Even if one person is working on your project, a team's input can positively affect the overall quality of the result.

Tips in Finding the Ideal Web Design Company in Hamilton


As the business owner, you have the responsibility of budgeting everything. So, have a range in your mind that you would consider viable for your business. There are several cheap options in the market, but if you need a unique website design that has not been used before, you will have to pay accordingly.

If the estimate for your website design cost is under $1,000, it's likely that you're not getting an original design, according to life hack.

So, have a reasonable budget in mind while you search for a website design company.

Where are you going to look?

Several NZ places and websites will connect you to potential website designing companies.  However, it is your choice to look for the company at a location of your choice. A simple Google search provides several options for website designing companies near Hamilton. You do not need to meet the designer personally, which makes your pool of choice much larger.

The design you want for your website

You should invest time in either a rough sketch or a vague design to know where to look. So, take your time to browse your competition, look out for what you like and need, and inspire yourself before moving towards getting a web design company.

After the preparation on your end is complete, you need to start looking for the following aspects before hiring the website designer.

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Look for a web designing company that has experience in the field. While there is young blood in the market, website design from scratch requires a lot more than base-level information about the area. So, take your time to find someone with an optimum skill set to do the job.

Liquid Web is a local NZ owned web design company specialising in WordPress web design trusted by Kiwis around Hamilton with years of experience and expertise to help local businesses get online and build appealing, functional, and mobile responsive websites ready for marketing.

Previous Work

Look at your potential web design company portfolio and track record to understand what they can and cannot do. It will help set a benchmark on the results you want from work and allow you to assess the company's skills.

Knowledge about SEO and SMM

A web designer needs a decent understanding of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing to create a Google-friendly website that reaches the target audience. So, prepare to ask for some information about SEO basics and how website design will have a role to play in it.  

Liquid Web Hamilton doesn't simply build a website and then leave you on your own longing for the internet users and target audience to locate it, it also helps in setting up a digital marketing plan to aid get the right people to discover your website.

Web Design & SEO Hamilton, New Zealand

To understand what Google wants, Liquid Web Hamilton works with some of the well-known local SEO experts and professionals with detailed experience in Google analytics and popular SEO software and tools.

Own the design

You must take the time to ensure that the plan they create for your website is your property. It is easier to get ready-made designs, but they are not suitable for your local business as the project's uniqueness washes away.

Sample projects first

 No one wants to work for free. However, no one wants to lose significant money on something useless. A happy middle here is to hire the company for a sample project. It is the ultimate way of checking their credibility while getting something you need. Also, if you do not get the results you want, you can always move on to another company.

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The reviews

Avoid the 5-star and 1-star reviews and focus on three and 4-star reviews to check what the previous clients think of the website. If they are reasonable, you are in the right direction and should take the process one step forward.

Do not create clutter

With so many options, it is easy to make clutter that no one wants. Also, if the decision-making process takes too long, the design process aspect starts later. It is best to limit your list right from the start with either geographical or budgetary constraints and then decide among the selected few unless you do not find any to be the ideal choice for your project.


A knowledgeable web design company can significantly increase the chances of your business to reach the intended eyes. So, invest time and effort into finding the best web designer for your brand and get ready to reach new heights.    

Liquid Web is a local NZ owned web design company trusted by Kiwis and local businesses around New Zealand.
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