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Tips For Marketing Your Website

Building a website is just the beginning of the process. If nobody sees it, all your efforts will just be wasted. Even though you've launched your website on the Internet, that doesn't mean that everyone will be able to find it online. No one will know that it exists if you don't go out there to promote it.

Simultaneously, the world of online marketing can be overwhelming and challenging, not to mention expensive. Not everybody has a cash fund to pay for advertising campaigns and sponsorships. Liquid Web offers affordable website design services for local businesses in Hamilton, Waikato, and around New Zealand. 

Digital Marketing, Liquid Web Hamilton, New Zealand

If you're trying to attract new customers to your website, you've come to the right place. This blog post will address the most effective means of promoting your website without any comprehensive marketing budget or previous digital marketing knowledge.

Emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation for your Website

Search engine optimisation is one of the most successful ways to advertise a website, as it aims to boost the performance of Google pages and other search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes the website highly ranked by search engines such as Google.

Bear in mind that SEO can be a very complicated topic, and competition in some industries can be tough to succeed in.

If you're improving current sites or designing new ones, there are always a few simple principles using premium SEO tools that you need to obey to produce the best potential output.

Build a Web Content Plan for SEO

To produce material that your potential customers adore, you need a web content plan. You have to:

  • Study what popular search terms and phrases your potential clients use as they are searching the internet for solutions
  • When they do, make sure the website shows up on Google.

To do this, first of all, you need to know who you want to sell to and what their issue is, and how it applies to your company.

Keyword Research - Find important keywords that you will profit from ranking in Google.

Keyword analysis lets you decide which keywords or subjects you can target, instead of just your brand name.

A page can never only rank for a single keyword, and that is why we mention topics and keyword phrase and clusters. Many pages have hundreds or thousands of keyword combinations. This is crucial to keep in mind when thinking about keyword analysis.

Focus on targeting Long Tail Search Queries and Phrases  

Do you have your high-intent keyword and common keyword clusters covered? It's time to target long-tail keywords, too. Long-tail keywords account for most web searches, meaning that if you're not considering them as part of your paid search or SEO initiative, you're losing out.

Search Engine Optimisation, Liquid Web Hamilton, New Zealand

Professional on-site SEO - Make sure that the website is technically sound and complete.

When hiring a web design company, decent understanding of Search Engine Optimisation must be taken into account by the designer to create a Google-friendly website that reaches the target audience.

The most critical elements are the website’s title, the meta description summary, and the URL that make up your page snippet on the search engine results page. The more essential and convincing your search query snippet, the higher your chances of winning new buyers and improving your search engine rankings. 

  • Fast-loading of pages 
  • Reliable website hosting
  • Intuitive navigation and architecture
  • Readable text
  • Eye-catching photographs and media
  • Mobile user-friendly experience

Building Backlinks

Usually, the reception of a referral from a third party website means that you have reliable information with high credibility. In other words, having an increased number of quality backlinks is a significant influence on a high ranking search engine result. That's why the backlink profile is one of Google's highest-ranking factors. Bear in mind that the more competitive the keywords you are targeting, the more backlinks you need to index.

Adding your site to an online directory is one of the most straightforward and most significant link-building exercises you could do as a business, mainly if you operate a local business.

  • Build something of importance that others would like to relate to.
  • Find a chance to backlink.
  • Also, find the contact details for the website admin.
  • Have a personalised and tailored message that expresses your proposal

Tailored and Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Too many companies rely on winning new consumers through an article or content promotion that they forget about conventional approaches.

Email Newsletter

Newsletter and email marketing are an incredibly successful means of marketing your brand online, as they're a direct mode of contact between you and your potential clients.

They're still helping you get users, and they will help push organic traffic to the pages. Even a reasonably good email blast will lead to a large increase in traffic.

Be very mindful not to flood people with unrelenting emails about any single update in your company.

Email Marketing, Liquid Web Hamilton, New Zealand

Build Engaging Emails

To produce an enticing newsletter, keep the material up-to-date and use popular CTAs that invite readers to click. This will help make your content stand out from the sea of other updates that your readers will get.

Automate Your Email Marketing

You're going to need a marketing email automation platform to create automated promotions. These tools differ significantly in terms of functionality, pricing and target audience and market leads. Do your analysis to find out which strategic marketing method is better tailored to your local business needs.

An email marketing campaign can be used to:

  • Nurture and warm-up your new leads
  • Remarket and help convert abandoned carts 
  • Onboard new clients and back the support staff
  • Increase sales from your existing client base
  • Get ratings and build up your web online presence

Get Your Business Engaged in Social Media

Social media isn't only a way for your old college buddies to post pictures of their children or take photos of what they got for breakfast. It is also a successful way to advertise a website, as it lets companies attract a diverse target audience and create brand awareness.

It isn't enough to exchange quality and relevant content across social media platforms – you have to regularly engage in the community.

  • Do you have an Instagram or Twitter account? Then enter the community conversations with the related hashtag.
  • Does your viewer leave comments on your Facebook posts? Answer questions, and get in touch with your readers.

Nothing makes people leave faster than using social media as a broadcast platform – using social media as planned, and genuinely engaging with their followers.

Social Media Marketing, Liquid Web Hamilton, New Zealand

Groups on Facebook

Facebook groups are composed of people's networks that have a shared purpose. The best thing about them is their diversity: there's something for any subject you can think of (and tonnes more than you can ever believe existed!) Of course, discovering and entering communities that revolve around your niche gives you unique access to your target potential clients.

While this can be very successful, you don't want to rush in and start spamming. The best way is to consistently provide value and help people with things you specialise in. Eventually you become an authority in the groups and people start recommending your name for services people are asking for. James Gatward who runs a successful business without really doing any paid marketing build up his Melbourne based web design company using this exact method.

Paid Ads on Social Media Channels

Each social media platform site like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram has its ad manager that lets you place your imagination in front of your user base’s targeted segment. Like all forms of paid ads, you can opt to reach potential clients or current contacts.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, the Ads Manager is wholly incorporated and is, in most cases, the perfect way to start researching social media marketing ads.

Facebook helps you boost your social media presence and reach potential customers. There are general demographic and infographic details that you can input. However, where Facebook truly shines through is its ability to incorporate preferences, interests and related communities and pages in your advertising goals.

Find a substantial overlap of interests and groups with your company, evaluate your ad copy, and keep track of the best performing ads.

To best measure results, add a Facebook Pixel in your website header so that you can later collect data from it to create retargeting lists and lookalike audiences in the Facebook Custom audience section.

Here are a few ideas you need to keep in mind when making your online ads:

  • Video is one of the most effective ad formats.
  • Mobile ads are a lot more affordable than desktop ads
  • Re-marketing ads are a cost-effective and reliable way to maximise conversion rate
  • Build several ad sets to search for copy variations
  • Keep an eye on your results, including importance and frequency.
  • Using high-value consumers to build like-minded audiences

Paid Google Ads Marketing

Google Advertising has three primary types of ads: text ads, ad displays, and video ads.

While most corporations use Google Partners to help them handle their advertising accounts, others do so in-house. If you're starting, we'd suggest using Google AdWords Express or practising Google Advertising through Google's Skillshop. There are also many affordable courses available to help you get started. 

Although the idea of spending money on Google Adwords might sound challenging, the returns are almost immediate and clear. This is why any penny you spend on it is worth it.

There are so many promotional media and strategies out there. It can be hard to work out, which suits your company well. Influencers and salespeople are continually asking you to invest in something and invest in it without explaining why.

Google AdWords, Liquid Web Hamilton, New Zealand

Google Ads Allow You to Harness Intent

The most remarkable difference between people you want to reach with Google Ads and people you get with other advertisement types is the intent.

For instance, on social media, users are not trying to be promoted. They're looking for solutions to the challenges that threaten their daily lives.

However, you're not selling to users who don't want to be promoted on the search network. You're selling to potential customers who are hunting for something unique.

Charge per click on Google Ads

Google Advertising runs on a pay-per-click platform that encourages users to bid on keywords and pay for each click on their ads. Whenever a query is launched, Google digs into the Advertising Ads pool and picks a selection of winners to feature in the desirable and lucrative ad space on its search results page.

Remarketing to the Display Network

This helps marketers target audience and visitors to various advertising-supported websites using banner images. Google Ads remarketing is a type of online marketing strategy that allows websites to view targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.

Past users can see these advertisements as they're surfing the internet, viewing YouTube channel videos or reading news pages, for instance, the brand top-of-mind and encouraging visitors to return for more.


There are, of course, plenty of ways to market your business website in addition to the strategies mentioned above. What approach eventually proves to be the most successful for you depends primarily on your particular competitive environment and the tools at your disposal: timeline, skill set, team size, etc.

When learning how and when to market your website, you can concentrate on publishing expert, insightful material. This is valid regardless of which advertising tactics you chose, whether you share on social media, writing articles and guest blogging, or collaborating with influencers. Although you might be anxious to get the message out right away, consistency takes priority over quantity. This is one of the best things you can do in the long term as a business owner.

When you start applying the techniques found in this guide, bear in mind the following tips:

  • Experiment - Online Marketing is an ever-changing practise; it’s essential to try new tactics and innovation, so you're not left behind.
  • Keep focused - Most of the firms that struggle to do ads are trying to do too much. You must get excellent on the platforms that work for you.
  • Ask for support - Most successful companies are partnering with external resources to help them with their promotions.
  • Learn - Being successful in digital marketing will give you an edge over your rivals.


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