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Local Web Design for Local Kiwi Business. Making the Web a Better Place.

Web Design Kerikeri - Affordable website design for local businesses that are built to work for you and your business. We are a local NZ owned web design company trusted by kiwis around New Zealand. Kerikeri based and happy to have a chat about your next web project.
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Kerikeri Web Design Services

Website Design

Websites come in many shapes and forms, we are flexible enough to help design projects and websites to suit a range of requirements for our clients businesses.

Kerikeri Website Design
Depending on the scale and requirements we aim to make the process as simple and seemless as possible for you, while producing a well designed and functional website that suits you and your business needs.

Talk to the Kerikeri Experts at Liquid Web today about our web packages to develop your online presence. Go live and let us build your next website.
Branding & Logo Design Kerikeri
We can design a beautiful logo for your business or give your existing logo a refresh to be more modern and suitable for your company.

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Website Content Strategy Kerikeri

Search engine optimisation, Digital Strategy, Copywriter, Digital Marketing

You may have heard many people say you need a content strategy, or a blog to get more people to find your business and to 'help with SEO'

This is partially true, but unless the content serves a purpose, is very useful, and high quality then there is no point even bothering.

You need to invest in a content management strategy that builds upon creating useful, relevant content that helps search engines, users, and is great for social media results. This is very important in the modern digital world where Google searches are part of everyday use for consumers. You want to ensure you can be found. 

Website Development

We build websites using the most popular and widely used CMS in the world - WordPress!

Kerikeri Websites Built From Scratch
While it is important not to re-invent the wheel with design, we can build effective websites from scratch that are based on professional local designers and help develop a unique website that is tailored to Kerikeri businesses.

For the more straight-forward web design projects, we base our design on sound and solid design standards to help maximize conversions when you start to promote and market your website.

There is no point having a pretty website if it doesn't convert traffic into leads or results.

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Choose a Premade Website Template
Website design Kerikeri - We believe that not every business needs a crazy expensive website, more importantly is the purpose of the website - to get more business, leads, and customers.

If you don't need a fully custom website, a templated one will do a great job for your business. We can also assist with finding the right domain for your company if you need the recommendation.

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Kerikeri Website Maintenance & Updates
Websites need to be maintained and up to date, this doesn't need to come at a large cost but it is something that is important so you don't end up with security vulnerabilities and risk destroying or losing your data. Hacks are real, and can be nasty if you are not maintaining your website, you also don't want to risk security of your potential customers. We also recommend using reliable web hosting.

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Kerikeri, NZ Web Designers

We can help any city in New Zealand so if you are not in Kerikeri, just reach out and we are happy to help out.

Website Design FAQ's

How much does it cost for a new Kerikeri website?
Regarding pricing, there is not one answer to this unfortunately. Website design is priced on the individual requirements of each project, we may move to web design packages, but our web designers focus on individual clients needs. Each website is unique and has different needs. At Liquid Web Kerikeri, we design and develop websites specifically for your small, medium, or large business. Most of our websites are priced between $1,997 – $4,500 range.
Which platform do you use to build websites?

Generally we build our websites using WordPress since it is so widely used in the industry, and future-proof Many tools and software also support WordPress pretty extensively. However, if you have a specific platform you want to use such as Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify etc, we can see if it makes sense to use those platforms and build based on your requirements.

Website Hosting Kerikeri - Where will my website be hosted?

Liquid Web NZ partner with trusted and reliable local web hosting for New Zealand and Australia. Meaning that when we work with you and build your website, it will be hosted using reliable, fast, local hosts. If you would like to host elsewhere, that is also totally fine and we're happy to work with you to accommodate. What is important to us is that your website is running smoothly for your business and your clients. That is why we only partner with great hosting companies.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, we use standard practices which include mobile friendly (Responsive) web design when building our websites. Mobile users are becoming more of a priority in many markets so it is very important from a user experience perspective.

Can you market my business once I have a website?

We have a strong focus on search engine optimization. But for other things such as Google Ads management, digital marketing strategy, ads management and other forms of paid marketing we partner with a trusted and reliable marketing agency network to get you in touch with the best resources and digital marketing services. 

Digital marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web Hosting
  • Ads Management
  • Graphic Design
  • E Commerce Management
  • Website Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Sell Online
  • Ecommerce Websites
I need a design package, can you help with branding?

In short, yes we can. Talk to us about your requirements and we will see what we can do to help. Our main specialty is building beautiful websites. For specific graphic design or marketing and branding packages we can talk to our designers or refer you to one of our specialized marketing partners. 

Web Design Company Kerikeri

Responsive Websites Kerikeri

More and more users are beginning to use mobile devices as their standard for digital activities. Bring your website up to date and make use of responsive website design to ensure that your website looks great on any device.

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Kerikeri Websites Coded For Search Engines (SEO Optimised)

SEO Foundations, Local Business Websites

Websites that don't take into consideration the power of Google and internet marketing are simply missing out on a lot of growth in leads, traffic, and sales. As a business owner, you don't want to be leaving more on the table for competitors to take advantage of. We have tools and software to help with the research side of SEO as well to develop a strategy for continued growth.

Our developers have done extensive research and partner with leading experts in Search Engine Optimisation so that we can ensure that it has the best head start possible before moving into a more in-depth ongoing SEO campaign.

Web Design Services Kerikeri

Liquid Web Kerikeri has a wide range of flexibility in our Kerikeri web design services and aim to cater to local business needs. Affordable pricing.

Mobile Responsive Websites Kerikeri

Responsive sites should be standard process in 2020 and beyond. We build our websites with responsive design and access standards in mind. Meaning that your website will look great on all devices. Mobile users will thank you for this!

Roadmap & Strategy

We help work with you to build a roadmap for success with a web design project, and even onto the next steps such as SEO and digital marketing to promote your new website, product, organisations, and services.

Kerikeri WordPress Website Designers

There isn't any point re-inventing the wheel. Our developers work with WordPress which is one of the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. Say goodbye to limited technology, and unfamilar platforms.

User Centric Website Experiences

We approach building websites with users in mind and aim to provide amazing web experiences for you and your customers. Get a professional look that converts.

WorldClass Support

We are there for you each step of the way for your web design project. That is our ideal client experience. We also offer support once the website is complete and can help with digital marketing as well. Our sales staff are not pushy, they don't force you into things you don't need, and both sales staff and support are there to help in any way possible.

Website backups & Reliable Kerikeri Hosting Services

Keeping your data safe and secure is highly important for websites. We use reliable local website hosting who have amazing support and backups are a big part of the reason we use the best. Perfect for Kerikeri businesses.

Kerikeri Websites Coded For SEO & Google

Expert Web Design & Digital Marketing Services Kerikeri

Kerikeri Websites For Marketing


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"Liquid Web Kerikeri helped us with our business website and we were so impressed with the outcome. We got a website built and then proceeded to move into digital marketing through use of SEO. Once we hit the top of Google, the leads started flowing and our phone was going off the hook."

David Walsh
"I consulted Liquid Web Kerikeri for a new logo and re-brand for our website. We also had some issues with transferring our domain. The whole process was easy and I was happy with the work completed. They had some amazing people work with me on the project and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Jason Smith
"I was a little concerned when hiring a web company as I didn't have a very large budget to work with, I was expecting to need to pay upwards of $5,000-$10,000 as that was what I had been quoted in the past by other Kerikeri web companies. But Liquid Web Kerikeri were able to help find out what I require and try to work it into the budgets. I was very happy with the service and my new website."

Brianna Thorne

Web Development & Web Design Kerikeri

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